The following is the Code of Ethics that must be agreed to by every applicant before membership is granted.

As a coin dealer, I recognize my obligations towards the public and towards fellow members in my industry. It is my intention to be worthy of the confidence and respect of those with whom I come into contact in the numismatic trade. For this purpose I have pledged myself as follows:

In my relations with the public I pledge:

  1. To furnish my clientele advice on numismatic matters to the best of my ability.

  2. To sell at prices commensurate with a reasonable return on my investment and the then prevailing market conditions.

  3. To purchase coins from the public at reasonable prices, with due allowance for buyers' risks and prevailing market conditions.

  4. To neither broadcast, publish nor advertise in any matter, a representation or an implication with the intent to lead a false or incorrect conclusion with regard to my own goods, prices or services, or in regard to the goods, services, or prices of a competitor, or lay false claim to a policy.

  5. To assist recognized government authorities in the prosecution of violators of the law in numismatic matters.

  6. To refrain from knowingly dealing in stolen coins, medals or other numismatic material or publication, or offering counterfeits as genuine coins; and when knowingly selling altered coins as such, to furnish the buyer with an invoice showing in detail the nature of such coins sold.

In my relations with fellow-members of the Association I pledge:

  1. To refrain from voluntary public expressions of adverse criticism of other members, or their merchandise.

  2. To recognize and respect my own contracts and undertakings and those of fellow-members.

  3. To exchange credit information freely with fellow members when requested.

  4. To avoid false statements or representation in my relations with my competitors, and co-operate generally towards the betterment of our industry and the hobby in my relations with fellow-members.